A Family Mental Health Practice in Sarasota, Florida

Dr. Joseph Ferrara

Dr. Joseph W. Ferrara, EdD

There are many mental health counseling/psychotherapy fads and falsehoods in the mental health industry.  Kindly review the article “APA ‘Model Licensing Act’, An Educational Bigotry and Occupational Apartheid…Freedom of Choice Denied”.   Exclusionary, restrictive regulatory legislation and drugs are being used more and more to control patient’s thoughts, feelings and actions, but it is a fact as real as gravity that we are profoundly affected by troubling experiences from our past even when these events are not consciously remembered, i.e., consciously suppressed and unconsciously repressed. When triggered by the ongoing influence of traumatic or repressed events, emotional problems, destructive behaviors and relationship issues can seem impossible to change.

Unresolved trauma or unconscious repressions increases vulnerability to physical/medical problems. Attempting to bring about enduring change without eliminating the ongoing influence of these unconsciously repressed “ghosts from the past” is like trying to repair damage to the structure of a building by applying a coat of paint.  Free-association in uncovery, analytical mental health counseling/psychotherapy is the regressive “royal road” to the resolution of repressions which must be reconciled in the service of an insightful level of awareness and healthy degrees of covert and overt self-esteem..

Uncovering or remembering both the long-term and short-term events which you have yet to realize you had forgotten actuates strong and powerful emotions and consequences which you are having to cope with moment to moment.  So, for those serious about personal growth, unconscious, stressful conflicts or repressions blocking desired changes are brought to light and then resolved by analytic/dynamic therapy. The ongoing influence from unconsciously repressed traumatic events is eliminated. People then experience an immediate difference, i.e., feelings of relief, comfort, mental and emotional strength and insight.  Treatment improves both overt and covert degrees of self-esteem, alertness, attention, concentration, memory, learning, productiveness/prosperity, happiness and energy/creativity.  Because the repressions, i.e. motivational or  root cause of issues is addressed and resolved, healthy and wholesome results will endure.  Science is life-giving!  Any mental health counseling or psychotherapy must follow the empirical laws of learning to provide safe, healthy, life-changing mental health services.

REMEMBER:  Most dare not or do not think about their future, their past is still happening in their present, but they can become unmarked by their background.  Allowing any trauma or unconscious repressions from the past to prevent you from enjoying the present and your future would be most tragic. So…

  • How are you holding up?

  • What do you believe makes you worthwhile?

  • What do you believe makes your life worth living?

Sound Mental Health offers the following services in the Sarasota, Florida area:

  • Analytic/Dynamic Mental Health Counseling
  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
  • Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations
  • Mental Status Exams for Involuntary Commitment and  Testamentary Capacity
  • Sports Psychology Guidance and Counseling
  • Political Analyst/Campaign Consultant