Co-Axial Table of Civilization’s Superstitions or “Religions”, Their Timeline, Doctrine and Practices
From the “beginning”, clerics have historicized and plagiarized superstitions/witchcraft,
myths and fables into refined religions of today.

Joseph W. Ferrara, EdD


Even though we, as infants and children, were originally and are presently innocent adults with an original, intelligent, true sense of self, aggrandizing shamans or clerics from the dawning of their menacing petroglyphic animal head dress of the Paleolithic era in human civilization vehemently and incessantly accuse,  pronounce curses, make charges and slander our human personhood as being “evil, wicked and sinful” in our thoughts, wishes/desires and acts, i.e. imposing a pernicious, false, unhealthy sense of self. For this, they self-righteously declare we “deserve just punishment” from their personified deity “abiding and hiding” in their ancient fictionalized supernatural world. Their sadistic defamation and slandering of our true sense of self will actuate clinical shock and masochism which is a malicious and criminal act. No one is guilty of their false, moralizing accusations, charges and curses. Instead, they are guilty of demeaning, slandering, and traumatizing the character of our personhood with intimidating threats, doubts and fears. These traumatic, false pronouncements and charges lock us into a terrorizing prison of chronic, clinical shock of guilt, sorrow, worthlessness, alienation and anticipatory anxiety of “endless torment” administered by some lurking creature, i.e., post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Shamans or clerics then make false “promises of salvation” claiming we might be able to avoid and / or escape this “just eternal punishment” if we immediately and masochistically comply with their sadistic scripted rules, rites and rituals including extorted generous monetary donations, special fees and contributions to finance their “deity’s” enterprise. They also declare subjugative compliance might restore our original sense of innocence, worth, belongingness and acceptance.

You can kill a person’s original true sense of self without killing their body but try to remember, superstitions or religions have never, ever been true, are not true and never will be true. On the seven continents of our planet, this developmental clinical shock or false sense of self, curse or seal with blood-shedding is taking place world wide.  Every sadist needs a masochist and every masochist needs a sadist.

Being sadistically terrorized into a masochistic person is no longer the only choice available.  Learning the  following information and material in this article, the crosswalk facts, time line findings and sample structure of competing religious empire chart results while reviewing Academy Award winner “Marjoe” a documentary on “divine inspiration”, clerics and religion disclosures offers a rational and appropriate choice.  Any or all religions are threat and intimidation driven with false charges and curses which can be undone by restoring our true sense of worth, authority and wisdom.


The following is a Co-axial, Evidentiary Summary Table of Civilization’s Superstitions or “Religions”, their timeline, origin, doctrines, history and practices. As you review and assimilate the facts on this table, notice the god-persons who claim “orthodoxy”, their civilization in time, and how similar their doctrine is to preceding god-persons of earlier civilizations.  Examining the monoamine delusions and hallucinatory origin, terrorizing and repressive doctrines, note which of the four major religions are militant to this day?  So, kindly compare the doctrine of each god-person, their civilization and time which they and their religion appear in human history and how they intrinsically plagiarize one another.


“Religions”, “religious cults” or “church denominations” are human, fictional and traumatizing creations which tend to be relativistic, minimizing universal sources of ethical principles and asserting an opportunistic view of “moral” functioning with an:

I.    orthodoxy (“chosen” / “saved”) superiority, while others are secular (“unchosen” / “dammed”) inferior, the enemy and “doomed to hell”,
II.   orientation towards punitive punishment, fear of disapproval and blind obedience,
III.  conformity for personal gain or rewards,
IV.   complying for social approval and group acceptance and
V.   “morality” void of authentic ethical principles and rational values of personal, deliberate conviction.

Co-axial table No. 1 summarizes the civilizations and their superstitions / “religions” for the past 200,000 years along the X axis with their invented, fictionalized doctrine and practices along the Y axis. Cross referencing the X and Y axis demonstrates the Paleolithic origin of any superstition or “religion” and how their beliefs were plagiarized, refined / tailorized and merchandized by various god-persons of superstitions or “religions” of each subsequent civilization. The following are some observations of the Co-axial table No. 1 and cross-validated by the Crosswalk table No. 1.

A.  Minus the 2 newest superstitions / “religions”, since the Paleolithic era, “shamans” or clerics have been claiming the existence of a “supernatural” world with “supernatural” creatures and themselves as having “supernatural” powers.

B.  100% of superstitions / “religions” have the concept of a “divine orthodoxy” vs. “secular”, each claiming they are uniquely and “divinely” ordained. Others might be somewhat or similarly “divinely” ordained, but they alone are the only holders of the alleged truth about any and all “religion”.

C.  3 of 15 superstitions / “religions”, or 20%, have been militarily imposed. However that number is somewhat skewed because 2 of the 3 are refinements of the previous 1, so you can really make the argument that only 1 of 15 superstitions / “religions”, or 7%, was militarily imposed. Military imposition was a very foreign concept to most superstitions / “religions”.

D.  Removing military imposition, the belief or practice adopted by the fewest civilizations, 5 of 15 or 1/3, is that of “trinities”. This is an example of how idiosyncratic religious claims are. A Buddhist or a Jain would find the concept of a “trinity” completely foreign, yet they all claim “divine orthodoxy”. Conversely, 9 of 15 superstitions / “religions”, or 60%, have a fable of a global flood, demonstrating how similar and refined many of the superstitions / “religions” in human history are.

E.  12 of 15 superstitions / “religions” or 80% practiced at least ½ or 50% of the doctrines identified.

F.  3 of 15 superstitions / “religions”, or 20%, practiced less than half of the beliefs and practices identified. It’s interesting to note that those 3 are the single oldest (Paleolithic) and 2 newest superstitions / “religions”, Sikhism and Baha’ism, the only 2 from the past millennium.  Paleolithic, because we don’t have all the yet to be discovered scientific evidence, as Sikhism and Baha’ism, the 2 newest, have begun to shed a lot of the doctrines and unsubstantiated concepts of the more ancient superstitions or “religions”. It’s very interesting that the newest superstition / “religion” practices the fewest doctrines.

G.  It is interesting, if you remove militarily imposed, 3 of 15 superstitions / “religions”, or 20%, practice every one of the remaining 22 doctrines and practices. The Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Christians are examples demonstrating the evolution of an ancient superstition / “religion” into modern superstition / “religion”.

H.  4 of 23 doctrines or practices, or 17%, are practiced by every superstition or “religion” in history. Zodiac symbols, the concept of a “divine orthodoxy”, a posthumous underworld of punishment, and a posthumous paradise of rewards, demonstrating these commonalities of human nature:

  • Every civilization marveled at the stars or “heavens”, sea / oceans and earth. These were the 3 sources of early civilizations superstitions / “religions”.
  • Every civilization has the projected grandiosity of being the only holders of truth about any and all “religion” into their superstitions / “religions”.
  • Every civilization imagines posthumous approval and posthumous disapproval, projecting the common punitive conscience of the human unconscious mind into their superstitions / “religions”.


Concluding, “shamans” or clerics down through the course of human history with their common unconscious mind have invented personified “deity(s)”. This “deity(s)” or “God(s)”:

1.  Disregards any intrinsic assignment of value to human life, other than conditionally, within the “doctrinal” context of blind obedience.

2.  Is obsessed with labeling normal, natural human thoughts, desires, wishes and acts as taboo, “forbidden” and offensive.

3.  Is a sadist, i.e., needing to punish others, with a blood fetish, consumed with a rage fixation, gaining satisfaction from human suffering and sacrifice.

4.  Is allegedly loving, merciful and kind, yet created human beings vulnerable to any and every type and kind of behavior this “deity” has labeled deplorable, detestable and depraved, deserving its” just punishment”.

5.  Claims omnipotency, omniscient, and omnipresent, however, does not prevent but permits and allows horrifying climate disasters, terrorizing physical diseases, heartbreaking repulsive deformities, tragic mental and emotional dysfunctioning, abject poverty and ravenous hunger to exist in suffering people’s lives as well as the world at large and dismisses these catastrophes as insignificant, expecting instead human beings to affirm and proclaim this “deity’s” grandiosity, at any cost, as this “deity” lacks a rational, healthy, mature and wholesome character, which has no need for infantile, constant admiration and ceaseless confirmation of its “superiority”.  At their best, religions are nothing more than myths.  At their worst, they are superstitions and witchcraft.

From the very beginning, clerics have historicized and plagiarized superstitions, myths and fables into refined religions of today.  This visual-aid shows us not to be afraid…”don’t worry”, “be happy”,  there is nothing to fear.  There isn’t any kind of threats of tormenting punishment to be afraid of.  We are no longer subjugated, dependent or unworthy and helpless, believing in the myths and personifications of superstitions, divinations or religions.  Why wouldn’t any rational, “omnipotent” loving, “protective deity” have the wisdom to communicate, preserve “life-saving” information and “inspired” knowledge timelessly, i.e., from the very beginning of human civilization, and audibolized to all without gender, ethnicity/race, geography or nationality preference, exclusivity in an understandable, direct universal language and in a non-tribal/elitist, non-hierarchal, non-politicized and non-orthodox/militarized manner?  The axis of the scientific method with its null hypothesis will safely guide us in solving global poverty, hunger and illiteracy, curing physical diseases and mental/emotional dysfunctions and disabilities while managing climate disasters. The axis of the scientific method will always take care of us, protect and keep us safe, healthy and secure because it is rational, sane and can be trusted without any doubts.  The scientific method will provide us with “The Good Life” and try to remember that Science is Life-Giving.

The axis of the scientific method gives us the chance to prove that we are stronger and wiser than clerics who use threats, terrorizing fear and disbelievable doubts.  We are not “evil and wicked as sin”, no longer listening to the accusations and pronouncements of clerics.  We are not afraid of their fictional, horrifying punishments.  We are healthier, smarter and stronger than clerics and their false “deities” and threatening claims.  We are intelligent and have wised-up as productive time and insightful experiences has made us a rational and sane person living in the protective natural world with a growing sense of our original worth, authority and wisdom.  Now, it is time for clerics with their erroneous threats, horrifying fears and intimidating doubts, which are to be ignored, i.e., to disappear, vanish off the face of planet earth.  There is life after clerics’ threats, disapproval and mistreatment.  We have the freedom, right and responsibility to be our unique selves.  As evident from the co-axial table, there is an ancient religious industry that needs us to believe in the pronouncements, threats and extorting method of their clerics and god-persons, i.e., beliefs/lies they can charge us for as a substitute sacrificial “free-will offering” or collection.

KINDLY NOTE:  From the “beginning”, clerics have historicized and plagiarized superstitions/witchcraft, myths and fables into refined religions of today.  Clerics’ bullying “authority”, threats, slandering, extortion and unfortunate social powers are fabricated, phony and illegitimate.  Clerics are not to be feared nor trusted.  Clerics’ threats, promises and theatrics are to compensate for a profound lack of any verifiable, empirical cross-validating test evidence.  The edict to hate ourselves, family/friends and possessions is a sado-masochistic “morality” dictated by psychotic clerics.  Clerics do not have legitimate “authority”, power, privileges or rights over anyone.  Clerics no longer tell us what to think, believe, feel, say and do.  Clerics delusional and grandiose declaration of “divine inspiration” is a clinical admission of visual, auditory and kinesthetic hallucinations made by psychotics who have split from both natural and social reality, i.e., they are ambulatory schizophrenics, paranoid type, not to be believed nor feared.  They are a pernicious hoax and engaging in criminal but lucrative behaviors of slandering, threatening and extortion!

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