TO: Shareholders, Consumers, Colleagues, Legislatures, Law Enforcement/Attorney General, State Attorney, Media, and Professional Associations
FROM: Dr. Joseph & Mary Ferrara
DATE: September 8, 2012
RE: Home Depot’s Integrity and Credibility: Home Improvement Projects – Countertops and Kitchen Cabinets

We purchased the above-mentioned home improvement projects in good consumer faith. Regrettably, sales person’s claims did not turn out as promised. With each project, we had to undergo and endure considerable disappointment, frustration and inconvenience to which both staff and service providers were insensitive and aggrandizing. On each project, staff and service people refused to recognize and acknowledge both faulty product and major service inequities. The only exception was the cabinet refacing subcontractor in the second listed project who went to extraordinary measures in an effort to compensate for Home Depot’s remiss, negligence and resistance.

With respect to the $5,472.42 countertop project, Home Depot surreptitiously and aggressively attempted to pass off to us a granite countertop that had been broken and super glued back together. This took considerable effort and inconvenience on our part to get Home Depot to appropriately correct.

Regarding the current $12,163.00 cabinet project, it took Home Depot production services three contemptuous attempts to get the order correct while placing us and our order at the back of the production and service line.

Unfortunately, consumers, before you consider contracting any project with Home Depot, you need to seriously consider our above experiences and their techniques of doing business. We do not want future consumers to experience the uncomfortable and awkward situations which faulty claims and promises inevitably create. Consequently, how does a business build integrity and credibility, i.e. trustworthiness?