Every sadist needs a masochist and every masochist needs a sadist…a perfect relationship.


TO: My Fellow, Global Citizens, Human Family FROM: Dr. Joseph W. Ferrara, EdD
DATE: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 RE: “Recalculating”, Breaking-Free of “Religion”, WISING UP


     ON EARTH’S SEVEN CONTINENTS, “EXALTED” CLERICS AND PSYCHICS both declare the existence of a supernatural world of torture and paradise with themselves as  “chosen and divinely inspired”, having supernatural powers derived from a faceless, “loving” almighty deity which has miraculously appeared and talked only to them. Mystic, Connecticut resident and “psychic” was found guilty in criminal district court on Friday, October 11, 2013, and jailed of grand larceny and scheming to defraud her clients out of “more than $100,000 by pledging to solve problems she traced to previous lives”.  No one is exempt from clerics’ expressed delusions of grandeur, hallucinatory threats of cruelty and haneious promises of endless, electrifying torture involuntarily passing repetitiously through our minds.
      THESE GRANDIOSE AND SINISTER CLERICS  with their delusional and hallucinatory, Paleolithic superstitions or  evolving, pilfering religions continue to intimidate by using public executions and menacing threats by an all-seeing, lurking-about, almighty deity which is mentally terrorizing, clinically shocking and emotionally fixating. They do this self-righteously, suspiciously and ostentatiously to control what we think, feel, say and do. Scheming to extort, they euphorically project their threats and hostility onto education, science, technology and anyone who opposes and rejects their baseless, life-threatening religion. They compulsively tell us what makes us worthwhile, our life worth living, the origin and purpose of the universe and the status of our final destiny.  Our imagination quite naturally responds to these vociferous threats, slandering accusations and extorting declarations as if they were true, authentic with horrifying and terrorizing mental pictures of eternal torture causing acute anxiety, guilt, lethargy, somatization, agitation, sadness, anger, insomnia, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, depression and suicidality/homicidality, i.e., post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our intimidated childhood imagination, memory and intelligence are unaware and do not know these clerics are gravely delusional, hallucinatory and psychotic. Regardless of our indoctrination, religion resides introjected, imprinted and identified within our intimidated childhood Imax imagination and memory. These life-threatening clerics who are ambulatory schizophrenics, paranoid type, require hospitalization and/or jail. Our terrorized Imax imagination, threatened memory and conditioned intelligence are seriously mistaken needing to be thoroughly extinguished of intimidating clerics’ grandiosity, authority and their evolved terrorizing religions…does Pavlov ring a bell?
     CURRENTLY, IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA we live in both freedom and peace with our present Federal Constitution and inalienable Bill of Rights granting each of us our right to believe in any type of “religion or faith” when it is beyond any rational reason to do so.  The 1972 Academy award winning “Marjoe” won best documentary disclosing clerics’ fear-driven methods of scheming to defraud and grand larceny, i.e., “I would like to do the love and faith thing but we won’t make any money unless we use the eternal punishment threat”, exemplifies this exploitive “right”.  From the Paleolithic era of human civilization, we have been cleverly duped by the apocryphal deluding, threatening doctrines and treacherous practices of enterprising but scheming and nefarious clerics and torturous religious hoaxs.  Nevertheless, we are momentarily safe without any danger for us to recalculate, wise-up and reject the life-threatening clerics and their religions because science, civic court ruling and cleric’s own anecdotal, psychotic testimony demonstrate there isn’t any supernatural world of torture and paradise.  Our disbelieving and breaking-free is rational, safe and healthy. So, kindly visit to review, assimilate and share the voluminous empirical research findings and results of the articles cross-validating the content of this memorandum.