Sample Structure of Competing “Religious” Empires
Clerics use the mystifying component of our imagination to make superstitions/religions feel and appear real–to their gain.
Joseph W. Ferrara, EdD


Whether living safely in the sparkling, glamorous luxuries of the twenty-first century or a drab penurious, tenuous existence of an insecure survival, we each have only one brief life to live, which is time limited with an expiration date.  Life is ephemeral!  We do not get second chances nor a spirit life in “paradise” or “hell” after death.  Let something of immeasurable value come along but slip through the fingers of our hands, it is gone forever, never to return.  So, it is important to make a brand new start and disabuse ourselves of life-threatening clerics’ claims.   Delusional and hallucinatory clerics perceive and divide the world, us, into two categories, i.e., the orthodox and secular.  The” orthodox” are “chosen”, saved, superior and worthy of “heaven”, i.e., “the only ones going to heaven/paradise”.  The “secular” are “lost”, inferior, unworthy and doomed to “hell”, i.e., infidels/satanic, heretics/atheists and the orthodox can treat the secular any way they wish including bloodshed.

So, aggrandizing, life-threatenting clerics world-wide, are “passionately” fighting and killing to ambitiously con­trol what we all think, feel, say and do.  They want to tell us what makes us worth­while, our life worth living, the origin, purpose of the universe and the status of our final destiny.  At best, religions are refined, Paleolithic super­stitions/myths; at worst, they slander, threaten/curse, i.e., clinically shock, causing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)  and extort us to finance their self-serving, evangelizing empires.  Psychics also declare the existence of a supernatural, spirit world and themselves as having supernatural powers.  Mystic, Connecticut resident and “psychic” was found guilty in criminal district court on Friday, October 11, 2013, and jailed of grand larceny and scheming to defraud her clients out of “more than $100,000 by pledging to solve problems she traced to previous lives”.

Thus, for our personal growth, self-actualization and a cheerful, wholesome life, it is now time to learn the Greco / Roman “religious” empire which was invented in 325 CE has been imposed on the world for 1,700 years or 68 generations of our fellow citizens trying to live out their everyday productive lives as rationally as they knew how for their time with clerics using our human mystifying imagination to make superstitions/myths appear and feel real, authentic…to their gain. A cornerstone axiom:  Any and every superstition or “religion” has an ambulatory, psychotic human inventor(s) and is made up of ancient, monoamine, subjective, imaginary, idiosyncratic or self-reported, untestable, unreplicable, aggrandizing, delusions and hallucinations of a cleric’s threatening  “supernatural” world as the below, evidentiary, methodological diagram demonstrates.



1) Due to the absence of science, but in light of human beings inherent paleolithic, neurological learning reflex for making paired-associative, visual and auditory hallucinatory observations, “deities” of “supernatural” worlds were invented and fabricated by clerics. Consequently, from the beginning of human civilization — clans, tribes, cultures and societies had a militant “religious free for all” with a cafeteria diversity of  superstitions/divinations, mystery “religions”, “Judaism”, mysticism and “Christianity” being crafted with refined threats, slander and extortion. The “church fathers” who made up the “Christian” superstition, i.e., the cynics, “Paul” and the mystics, the Gnostics, followed by the inventor(s) of the “Mark” fable, and later Iraneaus, Tertullian, Eusebius, Augustine, et. al., and the translations and revisions of the superstitions, myths, fables, and finite legendary personifications they invented and propagated, are only remembered and practiced today because they were militarily imposed by the Roman Empire at the point of a sword, and countless children, poor and less educated were conquered, coerced and indoctrinated.

2) In 312 CE, the Roman Emperor Constantine self-titled “Pontifex Maximus” had seen a hallucinatory “vision” of the Greek symbol Chi-ro, inscribed with the delusional, aggrandizing words “By this conquer”.   He later imagined or hallucinated the “Jesus” character, the so called “prince of peace”, telling him to “use its likeness in engagements with his enemies”, i.e., “divine providence”.   Fed up with warring “religious” clans, tribes, and cults, a delusional, aggrandizing Constantine, both believing and then claiming he was “divinely inspired”, demanded one “god” or Emperor, himself, one Empire, Rome, and one “religion” with one “bible”.  To this end, in 325 CE, he formulated, held, and chaired a council at Nicaea.

3) Constantine found the superstitions or “religions/divinations” in the public domain, especially the Christian community to be fanatically, riotously and militantly divided. The council of Nicaea began with “bishops” piling the Emperor’s lap with petitions against other “bishops” accusing them of heresy or political intrigue. Aggravated, Constantine had the petitions burned and had a “religious creed” formulated, drawn up and then voted on. The bishops could either sign the “creed” and stay as his invited guests for his twentieth anniversary celebrations, or refuse to sign and be exiled from the Empire as criminals decreed by “Pontifex Maximus” himself.

4) In 380 CE, the Roman Emperor Theodosius declared it illegal to practice anything but “Christianity” or Rome’s new “universal religion”, i.e., “Catholicism”. Over the next fifteen hundred years, the doctrines of the “Christian” superstition/divination continued to be invented, customized, tailorized, refined, and revised to make it the aggrandizing, authoritarian, subjugating machine, the “religious” empire which it is today. It was militarily imposed by colonizing crusades, torture, legalizing the destruction of the “enemies of Christianity”, and the indoctrination of billions of defenseless children, poverty stricken and the less educated people. Any competing doctrines and their members, as well as scientists, were executed.

5) Now, all “religious” empires are made up of self-anointed, aggrandizing clerics who declare “divine inspiration” and endlessly argue and bicker over the origin, doctrine / dogma of their invented, literalized superstitions/divinations, myths, fables, and finite legendary personifications, with their obsessive-compulsive rules, rights, and rituals, each claiming the allegedly “orthodox” interpretation of their endlessly contradicting crafted “bibles”. Their radicals, liberals, moderates, conservatives, and reactionaries have made up thousands of different species or denominations, each with their own “self-stylized, unique take” on what their invented “god-man” was “really” saying, and what their imagined god “really” wants, as the grammar of the facial language is irrational, contradictory, cruel, and barbaric. Clerics have to perpetually revise, reinterpret, and re-translate because their hallucinated, aggrandizing, “divinely inspired” original monoamine “oral traditions” are all contrived.

6) At the bottom of the totem pole, under the superstructure of all “religious” empires are the alleged “ignorant”, inferior, secular “lay” people, maliciously and ceaselessly threatened and slandered by an aggrandizing allegedly superior “clergy” to be depraved, “sinful”, shamed and criminally terrorized into extortion by the threat of alleged “eternal damnation” or being “doomed” for non-compliance with the cleric’s superstition or doctrine. In order to succeed, clerics require and demand a less educated, but indoctrinated, clinically shocked and “cursed” populace, who are extorted by shame, blame and guilt  or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) into financing their “religious” empire.  Clerics use the mystifying component to our imaginations to make superstitions feel and appear real…to their gain.


The above verifiable history, comparative crosswalk table, demonstrable timeline and co-axial table all demonstrate that eight to ten thousand years ago, some very delusional, grandiose, ambulatory, mentally ill, self-appointed, hallucinatory, self-serving, aggrandizing clerics started organizing, and militarily imposing and merchandising religious lies, i.e., imposing human monoamine, delusional and hallucinatory superstitions/divinations, myths and fables literally, coercing and assaulting the susceptible poor, young and less educated, and conquering or destroying anyone who opposed them. As evident, people did not believe the superstitions/divinations or “religious” doctrine because they were empirically true, rational, or authentic reality. They believed because they had to submit to the warring “religious empire” or they risked losing their possessions, loved ones and very lives.

As this methodological diagram demonstrates, “religion” is, always has been, and always will be about a power struggle for control, and is completely devoid of true, rational reality or authenticity. Consequently the facts of the above verifiable history asks the question,  why wouldn’t any rational, “omnipotent” loving, “protective deity” have the wisdom to communicate, preserve “life-saving” information and “inspired” knowledge timelessly, i.e., from the very beginning of human civilization, and audibolized to all without gender, ethnicity/race, geography or nationality preference, exclusivity in an understandable, direct universal language and in a non-tribal/elitist, non-hierarchal, non-politicized and non-orthodox/militarized manner?

The above verifiable history clearly shows that all religions are the product of the hallucinations of the subjective, idiosyncratic or self-reported hysterical imaginations of self-appointed, aggrandizing clerics. As is also evident, clerics are self-titled, self-serving human beings that invent superstitions/divinations or “religions” of “supernatural” worlds, i.e., untestable, uncross-validated idiosyncratic delusions and hallucinations.  It is now obvious to all but the blinded that superstitions/divinations or “religious” beliefs are nothing more than indoctrinated, hallucinatory, delusional convictions which persist despite repeated empirical test results with cross validating findings.  These superstitious convictions or “religions” unfortunately are how “believers” establish a precarious sense of self, their self-esteem or consensual self-acceptance.

From the evidence of this study, timeline, crosswalk and co-axial table, any and all religions are a profound, horrifying hoax.  Clerics deceptively and dramatically claim an “almighty” from some “supernatural” world has found them worthy to appear and speak only to them out of all the people on the seven continents of our planet.  Clerics declare they have been divinely selected and given the inspirational, holy edits and mandates for everyone to obey.  Clerics proclaim that this “almighty” which created us and everything in the universe declares we are depraved, detestable and offensive, deserving just, “everlasting” punishment.  If we subjugate ourselves, life and a portion of our fiduciary assets to clerics while complying with all their obsessive-compulsive rules, rights and rituals, we might escape the wrath of their deity’s eternal “punishment” through some glorifying, messianic scapegoat.  The reality is our children, grandchildren, their progeny and any societal contributions both we and they might make are our only “after life”.

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