Wising-Up, “Recalculating”, Breaking Free From Religion
Myths have never been true, are not true and never will be true, i.e., no doom and gloom in anyone’s future.
Joseph W. Ferrara, EdD

As verifiable facts or prevailing conditions in any situation change about what we might think and feel regarding what may be true or false on any subject, we have the freedom, right and responsibility to wake-up, wise-up, stand-up, speak-up and talk-back, i.e., change our minds to square-up with reality and sound mental health.  America’s first amendment to our federal constitution gives us this liberty.  While writing this to-be publication, Wising-Up, “Recalculating”, Breaking Free From Religion, the lucid need to change my mind became a sane, rational and just, self-evident reality.

Verifiable facts, which I have been painfully discovering, but most awakening, liberating, and empowering since my susceptible infancy and childhood capture, adolescence sealing and young adult indoctrination or con­ditioning, compel me to “recalculate” and apprise the readers of my earlier public service essays that I no longer believe in the supernatural “god of reli­gions, spirituality or Christianity” as I was carefully and meticu­lously condi­tioned.  Does Ivan Pavlov ringing a bell and John B. Watson’s “little Albert” sound familiar?  Twenty (20) years of research indicate the created, bewitch­ing, self-dialogue of ruminating, finite “deities” of revised Paleolithic, classical Mesopotamian-Egyptian, plagiarizing Babylonian-Hebrew, myth sizing Greco-Roman, secret Mithraism/Gnosticism and literalizing Christian/Islam refined, histori­cized, aggran­­dizing superstitions, myths, fables and legendary personifications has birthed the ancient, tailorized, spell­binding, delusional rules, rights and rituals of diverse, contem­por­ary, customized and merchandised reli­gions each claiming orthodoxy (“chosen/saved”) while all others are secular (“unchosen/damned”), the enemy, and “doomed to hell”.  For 8 civilizations, i.e., 1200 generations or 30,000 years, on 7 continents, the inventive, “prosocially” clerics and their “abstemious saviors”, inveterate “apos­tles and disciples”, armed with supernatural claims world-wide, are “passionately” fighting and killing to ambitiously con­trol what we all think, feel, say and do.  They want to tell us what makes us worth­while, our life worth living, the origin, purpose of the universe and the status of our final destiny.  At best, religions are refined, Paleolithic super­stitions; at worst, they slander, threaten/curse, i.e., clinically shock and extort us to finance their self-serving, evangelizing empires.  Psychics also declare the existence of a supernatural world and themselves as having supernatural powers.  Mystic, Connecticut resident and “psychic” was found guilty Friday, October 11, 2013, and jailed of grand larceny and scheming to defraud her clients out of “more than $100,000 by pledging to solve problems she traced to previous lives”.  Why wouldn’t any rational, “omnipotent” loving, “protective deity” have the wisdom to communicate, preserve “life-saving” information and “inspired” knowledge timelessly, i.e., from the very beginning of human civilization, and audibolized to all without gender, ethnicity/race, geography or nationality preference, exclusivity in an understandable, direct universal language and in a non-tribal/elitist, non-hierarchal, non-politicized and non-orthodox/militarized manner?“The answer is not in hate”, violence and war.  Love/acceptance, kind­ness and equal­ity cannot exist in subjugation, servitude and bigotry.  With equal human worth, we will have a sane/rational, just and prosperous life with “all living as one” unmarked, unsealed by superstitions/myths, sorcery/witchcraft and religions/divinations of a supernatural world.

Consequently, if you have any of my public service essays regarding religion, spirituality or Christianity, kindly disregard, shred or retain them as amusing, contrast­ing, fictional commentary and honestly peruse, assimilate the following bibliography.  Visit Smithsonian.com, Gobekli Tepe a Temple predating Stone Henge by 6000 years capsizing the supernatural orthodox crafted view of civilization’s rise and review Academy Award winner “Marjoe” a documentary on “divine inspiration”, clerics and religion while perhaps sharing this essay with a friend outside your “Skinner Box”.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Galen, Luke W.  “Does Religious Belief Promote Prosociality?  A Critical Examination”; Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 138, No. 5, September, 2012.