Genetic Identity, Birth Certificate Gender, Unlicensed Treatment of Transgenders’
Psychosexual Delusions and Social Role Confusion

The Child is Truly the Parent of the Adult
Joseph W. Ferrara EdD


So, Doc, “I now understand if I ‘persistently think and consistently assert’ that I am Bill Gates, that definitely makes me Bill Gates.”  “I repeatedly told you”, Doc, “I believe people are threatening me, are against me and conspiring to destroy me is why I carry this hatchet.”  “I have told you over and over again I’m afflicted with a disease which is poisoning my brain.”  “People don’t believe me but I am the true Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth the Christ.”  “I do not know why but I just think of and prefer same sex partners…I don’t like it or want it but I just do”.  “God has chosen me to give birth to the true and only Messiah so I want a sex change operation right now.”  “My money is running out and I will be sent away to the poorhouse”.  The preceding are “persistent and consistently asserted” beliefs or delusions of patients who needed and received or are currently receiving successfully analytic, uncovery mental health counseling/psychotherapy while simultaneously achieving meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Comparatively, our unqualified, grandiose, unlicensed Sarasota County elected School Board and their appointed unqualified, pompous, unlicensed superintendent, released their veiled, i.e. without any parent notification and testimony, unlicensed treatment policy which allows public school children to use the bathrooms and locker rooms/showers that correspond with their “persistently, consistently asserted gender identity and use their preferred gender pronoun and name at school” irrespective of their:

I.   Genetic identity,
II.  Birth external anatomical gender identity,
III.   Birth certificate gender identity and
IV.   Registered social name/identity.

Seemingly, if a child’s birth certificate designates a genetic male body with a penis at birth, but subsequently in his mind he consistently and persistently believes, dresses and acts as a female then he may socially use the female bathrooms, locker rooms/showers and any name change instead of their advocating curative, uncovery analytic  mental health counseling/psychotherapy.  Our unqualified, unlicensed school board and arrogant superintendent’s legalizing and imposing transgenders’ influential psychosexual delusions undermines and confuses our children’s introjected and imprinted genetic sense of self in establishing their appropriate maturational psychosexual gender and masculine or feminine social role identity.  Likewise, if a female child’s birth certificate designates a genetic female body with a vagina at birth but subsequently in her mind she consistently and persistently believes, dresses and acts as a male, then she may socially use the male bathrooms, locker rooms/showers and any name change instead of their advocating curative analytic, uncovery mental health counseling/psycho­therapy.  Since our delusional, grandiose and unlicensed Sarasota County School Board and its champion unlicensed, pretentious superintendent’s concealed transgender ruling but adamant public enforcement to exclusively secure the “safety of transgenders”, other patients are now verbally asserting both they and their beliefs/delusions should be given the same equal legal standing, social role recognition and civil rights in our social order as the transgenders are given with their bewildered, socially influencing psychosexual delusion and disoriented social role.  Consequently, how does this policy rationally address the mental health needs of our children, their future adult life and our nation’s health, safety and welfare.


A transgendered psychosexual delusion is a psychiatrically persistent and consistent false, deceptive and confused belief which does not correspond with their genetic, birth body’s external sex organs arising out of unconsciously sustained irrational mental and emotional, dysfunctional needs and in spite of logical self-absurdity or proof to the rational contrary.  Delusional beliefs can be fragmentary, as in delirium, or extensively systematized, coherent but superficially convincing as in various paranoid states.  Most delusional beliefs fall into the area between these confused, deceptive symptomatic extremes.  Some delusional beliefs are strongly held erroneous psychosexual identity convictions, while others are more tenuous and may be in the struggling process of both impressionable childhood formation and  as in ambivalent, confusing adolescent gender identity delusions.  Most transgenders reject all rational findings, even verified birth certificate evidence, that would contradict their transgender delusions or symptoms and are constantly on the alert for the most minute or trivial indications which they strongly believe confirms their psychosexual gender identity and social role.  Transgender is an involuntary, unconscious fatal mental and emotional confusion of one’s genetically assigned external male or female anatomical birth identity as they go through the exquisite conflictual childhood psychosexual stages of biological maturation and personality development but frequently associated over their life time with increased anxiety attacks, acute episodes of depression and suicidal thoughts with gesturing or attempts and alarmingly high rates of successful suicides.   No matter how persistent and consistent a delusion might be, delusions have never been true, are not true and never, ever will be true.  A poignant, humanistic distinction must be made between the person who is a unique, distinctive individual in their own right with equal human worth, importance and equal civil rights and the deceptive, erroneous, stereotyped transgender delusion, i.e., both the person and society are being confused, deceived, burdened and manipulated by the stereotypical transgender delusion motivated and driven by subconscious reaction formations and unconscious psychosexual repressions.  Stereotyping or pigeonholing individuals is inappropriate as pigeonholes are for pigeons, not people.  Pigeonholing confuses the recognizing, explaining, illustrating and understanding of any differential diagnosis and consequential treatment concepts regarding transgenders’ curative analytic, uncovery mental health counseling/psychotherapeutic care and subsequent healthy development.  Our authoritarian, unqualified and unlicensed school board and aggrandizing, unqualified and unlicensed  superintendent’s policy of “persistently, consistently asserted gender identity and use their preferred gender pronoun and name at school” will only reinforce transgenders’ erroneous and dysfunctional psychosexual delusion and lead to pigeonholing the child with undesirable and fatal consequences of acute anxiety attacks, bouts of depression, suicidal ideation and suicides.


We must never, ever belittle one’s delusions or beliefs nor humiliate the person or endorse their acting out by any policy or action as our authoritarian and unlicensed school board and imperative, unlicensed superintendent has taken which confuses and inhibits any transgenders’ hopeful future motivated analytical, uncovery mental health counseling and their prognosis.  Should transgenders remain untreated, how would anyone know what the true birth certificate gender and registered social name of another or any person might be, including our leaders, i.e., its sexual, interpersonal and social fraud, confusion and undermines and blurs society’s authentic psychosexual gender identity and appropriate social roles.  Our government requires new car dealerships to display to the buying public a “window sticker” describing in detail the automobile’s equipment and physical appearance.  The “window sticker” states the vehicle is a six (6) cylinder but when you lift up its hood and see that it is a four (4) cylinder engine, what would you think, feel, say and do?  What does this suggest about both the manufacturer and dealership?  The cash register clerk at a grocery store states your grocery bill is $69.86 and you hand the clerk a $100 bill which the clerk instantly holds up to the ceiling light to ascertain if it is counterfeit.  Why do you suppose management requires the clerk to abide by this protocol?  As with any delusion, transgender is a treatable dysfunctional self-esteem symptom, i.e., many a person suffered psychosexual confusion before they mistook themselves for the opposite gender…confounding a single failure with an unfortunate but treatable defeat.  Our each and every belief, feeling, value, mood, sexual orientation, act and thought is determined by the total hourly life experiences which make up our dynamic background, i.e., inclusively, the child is truly the parent of the adult.    In the beginning, the most significant and distinctive relationship is between mothering moms, fathering dads and child.  The hourly quality of our intra/inter personal and social events, relationships and the wishes and desires of our common human unconscious mind unwittingly structures our state of awareness and regulates both our covert and overt degrees of self-esteem which in turn forms the functioning of the masculine and/or feminine concepts of our unambiguous male or female social role.  The tendency to form a delusion or belief reflects the universal human need for mental/emotional self-esteem confirmation, support, reassurance and resolution of anxiety and depression, as well as the common human tendency to use subconscious mental/emotional defense mechanisms to protect one’s self-esteem and cope with the ambivalences of psychosexual gender maturation and subsequent social role identity.  Most individuals keep these ambivalent concerns within typical, natural bounds and limit themselves to occasional rationalizations, prejudices and wishful thinking.  With the acutely confused individual, the pressure of unconscious emotional, conflictual, primal gender urges and needs typically become overwhelming that one may alter reality itself to make it conform to one’s conflictual wishes, desires or feelings of guilt, worthlessness, rejection, alienation, inadequacy and inferiority.  The individual then develops persistent transgender psychosexual delusions as a means of solving their consistently conflictual core self-esteem traits.  Transgender delusions are dysfunctional attempts to achieve adjustments to the multiple growth areas of their covert and overt degrees of self-esteem, but in adopting them the person inevitably loses touch with the real, actual, natural social world and becomes more confused than ever about their self-esteem, their psychosexual gender identity and masculine or feminine social role.


Genetic identity, external anatomical gender and their physical functioning defines overt masculine or feminine sense of self, but subsequent hourly background experiences, degrees of covert and overt self-esteem and state of awareness can create covert sexual delusions and emotional confusion of one’s overt psychosexual orientation with confounding, conflicting and clashing social roles.  Typically, seeing two people of same sex do something usually done by two of opposite sexes is bewildering and mystifying to one’s degrees of cover and overt self-esteem, state of awareness and their sexual identity.  In the fulfillment of their genetically and biologically birth assigned sexual identity and destiny, affectionate fathers must teach their susceptible sons to identify with them and loving mothers must teach their innocent daughters to identify with them.  In many subtle ways, healthy married moms and dads in their natural, daily behavior kindly teach to their receptive children that masculinity and femininity are valued appropriate sexual functions and desirable social roles.  Masculine and feminine gender identification is the crucial, everyday interactive learning process wherein boys become rational, self-actualizing adult men and girls become rational, self-actualizing adult women with learned equal human worth which insures both the preservation and survival of our specie.  Our unqualified, unlicensed school board and superintendent legalizing restroom and locker room/shower privileges for trangenders lacks psychosexual gender insight, rational emotional gender maturation and any mental gender resolution and criminally contribute to a destiny of pretentious self-resignation, chronic inferiority with frequent acute anxiety attacks, bouts of depression, suicidal ideation and suicides for transgenders. Thus, bathroom and locker room/shower privileges is a confusing, inappropriate and lethal answer to the psychosexual gender crisis of the transgenders, their families and increases their critical need for current and future curative analytic, uncovery mental health counseling/psychotherapy.  Essentially, transgenders are involuntarily, automatically driven by their persistently taboo deceptive, libidinal, conflictual gender urges which are buried deep, hidden in their forbidden ambivalent childhood and adolescent unconscious, confusing psychosexual struggles which they have repressed.  To make our tax-supported schools for everyone a more instructive, insightful and a healthier, everyday safe and secure educational place to learn for all students regardless of any condition, we need to:

I. Elect honest governing officials or lawmakers with both integrity and credibility who must remain verifiably true to the oath and promises of their elected or appointed office to equally represent, equally protect and provide complete and timely notification to all citizens regarding every policy and/or all relevant laws,
II. Mandate that public schools teach primary, intermediate and advanced curriculums in healthy covert and overt degrees of self-esteem and wholesome insightful states of human awareness,
III. Nurture all students and their families’ personal sense of worth, belongingness/acceptance and adequacy, i.e., testing and treatment of covert and overt degrees of self-esteem and their healthy states of awareness,
IV. Teach all students and their families that their personal sense of self and life in this social order and their civil rights are equally important and protected,
V. Immediately initiate and reinforce transgenders’ and their family’s acute need for individual, and family curative analytic, uncovery mental health counseling/psychotherapy and their families’ sense of emotional and social safety, security and stability and
VI. Educate through home, school, workplace and public/social forums that people are never, ever for labeling, name calling, teasing/belittling, ridiculing and/or insulting which are vicious and violent acts of personal and social humiliation.
VII. Rational regulation of mass media’s reporting, defining, glamourizing, deifying and horrifying/terrorizing human sexuality, social role ambiguity and confusion.
VIII. If the above conditions are not provided, seek private schools with appropriate educational services.

Healthy, protective family life in a supporting, confirming and reassuring community provides a wholesome opportunity for loving parents to deliberately teach and kindly show children that men and women in their different but venerable, stable social roles as honorable husbands and wives in an enduring, lasting marriage need each other as having equal human worth and importance and need to respectfully accept each other and take care of one another and their valued, instructed, competent and liberated children towards their respective genetic, biological/anatomical birth identity and psychosexual masculine or feminine, self-actualizing adult social role destinies.


KINDLY NOTE:   It is hoped that both the facts and dynamic message of this article saves lives.  Just as transgenders both think and feel their delusions and hallucinations of psychosexual orientation is natural and normal, paranoid schizophrenics also think and feel their delusions and hallucinations are normal.  Masculine and feminine gender identification is the crucial, everyday interactive learning process wherein boys become rational, self-actualizing adult men and girls become rational, self-actualizing adult women with learned equal human worth which insures both the preservation and survival of our specie.